Hotel Venezuela Jesolo | Rules for safe holidays



    Hotel Venezuela presents you the rules for a safe and peaceful holiday!

    Hotel Venezuela undertakes to comply with the guidelines of the regional ordinance 55 of 29 May 2020

    Here are a few simple rules to follow to guarantee everyone a pleasant and peaceful stay:

    • In common areas it is mandatory to respect the safe distance of at least 1 meter

    • Interpersonal distancing does not apply to members of the same family or cohabitants, nor to persons occupying the same room, nor to people who are not subject to interpersonal distancing according to the provisions in force (this last aspect pertains to individual responsibility)

    • Guests must always wear a face mask in closed common areas

    • In outdoor common areas, the face mask must be worn when the distance of at least 1 meter cannot be respected.

    • It is therefore possible to access the beach without the obligation to wear a face mask while maintaining the distance of 1 meter.

    • Customers must make frequent use of the hand sanitizers present in various locations within the structure.

    • Self-service consumption is not allowed. A list of what is present in the buffet that will be protected and served directly on the table by the staff in charge will be available to customers.

    • In the restaurant room, hand hygiene is requested at the entrance and the use of a face mask until reaching your table

    We will take care to ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of all rooms, with particular attention to common areas and surfaces touched more frequently.
    Special care will be dedicated to sanitizing all the components of the room